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This is the homepage for the CSN CIT/CS Linux Server.

Refer to the CIT Information page for additional information.


CSN CIT/CS Linux Server Information

Use the general purpose login server, bellagio.csn.edu, for remote logins. You must have an account to use this server. Accounts are created automatically for students in courses utilizing the server at the beginning of the semester. If you are a CIT/CS student or faculty member and need an account, please send an email to the server administrator, Kevin Mess.

Important: Please use your CSN email account for all account inquiries.


CSN Computing Policies and Rules

Information Systems & Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy


CSN CIT/CS Student Resources

CSN Email for Students, Faculty, and Staff


Microsoft Imagine/Dreamspark



VMware IT Academy


CSN CIT/CS Instructor Pages

Ahern, Karen

Alpern, Stephen

Beckstrand, Scott

Brim, John

Brodersen, David

Connolly, Michael

Dreven, Patricia

Heravi, Naser

Hill, Michael

Koneru, Lata

Morningstar, Lily

Mess, Kevin

Pandey, Mahima

Pannell, Diane

Phalke, Prakash

Pulling, Kathleen

Rao, Kaleshwar

Robinson, Marilyn

Rodis, Larry

Ryan, Joseph

Salmon, Arthur

Sthultz, Michael

Taghva, Eve

Taormino, Mark

Taylor, Margaret

Toney-Jackson, Constance

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